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About Me


I truly believe the greatest service we can give, is to do our own inner work. As a member of a 12-Step program I have been on my personal spiritual journey for over 32 years. The meetings helped to change my life and facilitate my growth. And yet, when I was introduced to Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life, I was able to go deeper into my healing journey. This book and her philosophies taught me to love and accept myself and have helped deepen my spiritual connection.

There are many Heal Your Life Workshop® leaders and Life Coaches® worldwide. Over the years, the workshops and coaching has helped many people transform their lives and my desire is to share this wonderful way of life. I was trained by Dr. Patricia J. Crane and Rick Nichols, President and Vice-President of Heart Inspired Presentations respectively, in 2011 (Workshop Leader) and 2012 (Life Coach). The training is authorized by Hay House, Inc., and approved by Louise Hay, with whom Patricia studied personally. Dr. Crane first became interested in Louise’s philosophies in 1985 after reading You Can Heal Your Life. Fueled by a deep belief in the power of these practices and principles to heal, Patricia began working directly with Louise as an assistant to her in workshops. As the publications of Hay House, Inc. grew, Louise begain turning her attention more toward the book publishing business while Dr. Crane just naturally picked up the mantle and continued with the teachings. Patricia tells us that “It is a great honor to be officially sanctioned to do this work.” And, for me, it was a great honor to be trained by Patricia and Rick!

Making changes in life can be very daunting but each of us has amazing potential if we only allow ourselves to see it.

In the workshops and coaching sessions we will learn how loving ourselves is the foundation for making positive changes. Using affirmations, visualizations, and other techniques, we can experience transformation. As we heal the past we can release limiting beliefs that may hinder us from reaching our full potential. Join me on this wonderful journey of self-exploration.

I look forward to meeting you and learning more about your journey.

With Love & Courage,

“Every thought we think, and every word we speak is creating our future!”
~ Louise L. Hay