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Additional Affirmations


I believe in my own power to change.
I am at peace with all of life.
This is a new moment. I am free to let go.
I am willing to forgive all those who have harmed me.
I take responsibility for my own life.
I am willing to create new thoughts for myself and my life.
I am one with the Power that created me. All is well in my world.
I see myself in a new light. I love myself.
I move forward, free from the past. I am safe.
It is safe for me to move beyond others’ limitations.
I trust the process of life.
I am open and willing to change.
I recognize that I am the source of my happiness.
I release that which no longer serves me.
I am open and receptive to wonderful, good experiences coming into my life.
I go beyond limiting beliefs and accept myself totally.
I claim my own power and lovingly create my own reality.
I am willing to release all old negative concepts and beliefs that are no longer supporting me.
I am at peace with myself and my life.
I forgive and release the past. I move into joy.

I AM willing to be guided and inspired in all of my actions under all conditions.

I accept and receive guidance and clarity regarding which actions to take at all times.

I AM willing to trust that what is in front of me to do is for the highest good!

I AM willing to feel safe, guided and peaceful as I surrender to Divine Guidance and Divine timing in all things!