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In her inspiring workshops, Peggy brings her life experience, compassion for soul growth, and passion for the process of becoming whole.   ~Rosanna W.

Peggy has an amazing presence with tremendous insight. She has an intuitive knowledge that is shared in a kind and loving way. Her warmth and caring will touch many people because she speaks from the heart ~Jane K.

In the workshop, we used affirmations and visualizations to help heal our inner child. Peggy created a safe place for us to share on a deep level. ~Debbie J.

Peggy has such a soft, kind, understanding respect for everyone she encounters. I left her workshop with new skills to help make my life better, and the realization that life is worth celebrating! It is a must attend. ~Dorielle A.

Peggy’s positive & enthusiastic energy invites all to change. It is apparent that she has done this “work” herself and is leading by example. She creates a safe & loving environment in which to share & grow. ~MHB

Peggy is inspiring and truly believes in her teachings. The workshops are meaningful and applicable to everyone’s life. What a blessed gift she shares! ~JT

Peggy’s energy and positive outlook is infectious. Experiencing her workshop has given me renewed hope that this program will work for me also. ~ Anonymous

Peggy was supportive throughout the workshop. I enjoyed each meeting and looked forward to the emails that were sent in between our meetings. I enjoyed all the music and meditations used and found the whole workshop very fulfilling. I look forward to another one in the near future. ~Kirsten

I enjoyed every adventure each week. Thank you for your time. ~ Richard

Peggy came with love and openess and made it easy to open up and be open to new ideas. The classes really made a difference in me. ~ Mike

Peggy has an infectious enthusiasm because she believes and is committed to contributing to the healing of others through sharing the tools of Louise Hay. ~ Adelaide W.

I loved the support and guidance I received. Peggy is very loving, kind & giving to everyone in group. ~ C.L.

I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels “stuck” in life & wants a new approach to rekindling the excitement and beauty that is our daily life! ~ Steve A.

I love Peggy! I resonate with her and she is so loving and attentive while affirming and supporting our personal growth! I cannot thank her enough for the unconditional love I have received. Peggy has a deep capacity for empathy, compassion and love for others. ~ Tonia G.

This was a wonderful time of sharing and encouraging positive growth. Peggy is so very enthusiastic, supportive and loving. ~Anonymous

This has been one of the most uplifting experiences of my life. I came here in the throes of a depression, urged on by several friends to attend, and took the first step from the darkness out into the light. Today, I know that as I love, I am loved; as I give, I am given. My life is in harmony and I am prosperous! Thank you Peggy from the bottom of my heart! ~SS

Peggy has a lovely and gentle way of allowing and encouraging her workshop participants to uncover limiting beliefs so they can move forward in life. Her sweet spirit helped us all to feel safe and at ease. She is a wonderful workshop leader. ~Valentina G.